Monday, November 10, 2008


Somehow the existence of this book got passed me. I guess because it's actually classified as a Young Adult book rather than an adult book, at least by my library. It wasn't until I saw it on a new paperbacks table that I knew it existed. I've always like Nick Hornby. I like most books that make me laugh out loud, and Slam is no exception. But it is a youth novel. It deals with issues of pregnancy and future plans from a youth perspective, and I admit it, I didn't know why Tony Hawk is. But ironically, KCRW delivered a podcast to my iTunes of a Tony Hawk driven playlist one day after I finished this book. Eerie isn't it.

World Without End

Or should I say book without end. I read Follet's book Pillars of the Earth back in 1990 and really enjoyed it. And I didn't dislike this one either. It was a good character driven novel. But dadgum this book is long. Not only is it over 1000 pages, but those pages are big and crammed with small print. It annoys me to read 100 pages and feel like you haven't really accomplished anything. So despite engaging characters in an interesting setting the length of this book is the thing I'm left with. Good luck and godspeed.