Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Phineas Finn

The second Palliser novel, Trollope returns to London and the Houses of Parliament tracing the successes of young Mr. Finn of Ireland and his exploits in that esteemed body. It does make me wonder if our government would improve if we didn't pay our legislators a salary. I only regret that the novel failed to give me more of the characters introduced in Can You Forgive Her, but I look forward to revisiting Phineas in Book 4.

Soul Identity

I got this book free from Amazon. It was pleasant enough, but not so much that I think I'll seek out the follow-up novel. Despite the ancient almost Dan Brown-like mysteries/conspiracies the characters and plotting in the book didn't hook my interest enough to return to see what happens to this Templar-light organization.

Wolf Hall

I don't understand how this book won a prize, but it certainly does not recommend any of the runners up. This read like the scripts from the first two seasons of Showtime's The Tudors, but much more dull. And why the book is named after a place that never figures into the story is a mystery to me still, but not one I intend to waste any more time on trying to figure out. This book was yuck!