Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Lace Reader

This is an unusual book for me.  It's what I'd call a woman's book, but it's not chick lit and it's not romance.  Still I can't imagine a man really enjoying it.  The book is set in Salem, Massachusetts.  I visited Salem about this time last year, and I like reading books set in places I've been, so it definitely satisfied on that level.

This is a very psychological novel and strongly involves the supernatural.  It's not a book I'd recommend without qualifications, but it was a good read.  The way the author plays with narrative is interesting, but most of all, the characters are well-drawn so that you care about their outcome.  I think the end was more disquieting than satisfying for me.  Still I'm glad I read The Lace Reader.  And for the record, I'd never get lace read for myself.  Not my scene.

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