Friday, July 11, 2008

Blue Latitudes

I picked this up because I've read two previous Tony Horwitz books, Baghdad Without A Map and Confederates in the Attic and enjoyed both very much. Horwitz has a new book out and has been making the talk show circuit. But my library doesn't have it yet. It did have this book I had not read about tracing the voyages of Captain Cook, the discoverer of the Hawaiian Islands. (He named them the Sandwich Islands.)

Most of the action takes place in the South Pacific which is a region of our globe I have very little knowledge of and not a lot of interest in (except for a certain fictional Island.) But Horwitz again made me turn page after page and while I'm not planning a trip to Tonga anytime soon, I did enjoy my armchair traveling with Horwitz and his drinking companion Roger.

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