Sunday, July 13, 2008

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

Yep, I'm the last person in the world to read it. Actually, I'm the first and only person in my small immediate family to read it. When it came out in 1997 having no kids I missed all the hullaballo. Then as the series progressed I had a small child who was too young for Harry Potter, and so I continued to miss it. But this week, the kid turns 9, and so the time came for me to read Harry Potter and decide if it was an appropriate book for him to read.

This first volume would be fine for him to read (and was a fine read for me). It's got all the fairy tale classics -- orphan with evil caretakers; witches; wizards; castles; owls; a bully; etc. I did enjoy it, but frankly it didn't leave me gasping for the next book. I'm much more interested in finding out what happens to the Baudelaire Orphans (we're only through Book 8 of A Series of Unfortunate Events).

And so far the kid isn't dying to read Harry's saga either. So maybe we'll save it to start another day, a day when the darker books are more appropriate and he can read it all in one fell swoop. Or maybe, just maybe, we'll miss the boy wizard craze.

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