Saturday, March 21, 2009

Battlestar Galactica

Wow what a series!  I watched most of it on DVD, but managed to catch up in time to watch the last 10 episodes as they aired.  This is a fantastic character driven story full of themes ripped from the headlines of our early 21st century world--themes like racism, multi-culturalism, terrorism, torture.  This was a show that could really make you think, but instead of being merely high-minded and preachy, it got down and dirty by driving the story with characters you loved, characters you hated and characters that made you love then hate them then love them again (or vice versa).  

Don't be scared off by thinking it's too Sci Fi (or SyFy, stupid network).  The setting of space was merely that, a setting, though it did lead to some kick ass action sequences, always a plus.  This is a series I'd recommend to everyone, especially everyone who likes LOST.  The continuity of the story is not as intense as in LOST, but BSG does pay off long threads, most of them in a very satisfying manner.  Go watch BSG!

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