Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The End

I'm cranking through series this month.  In this period of time where I'm thinking about endings, first Dark Tower, then Battlestar, LOST next year, I think The End does a wonderful job of telling yet another story in the misadventures of the Beaudelaires yet also waxing quite eloquently on the nature of stories and the in medias res nature of most. We just don't get all the stories, even the ones that prominently affect our own lives.  While we might want to know everything, we just don't get to because that's not the nature of things and that's certainly not the nature of fiction where the number of pages or episodes are finite. And while we may not be satisfied with all endings we're given (fade to black), Lemony Snicket has done an admirable job of ending the beginnings he started. Bravo!

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