Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Penultimate Peril

Only one more Beaudelaire book to go!  The Penultimate Peril reunites the Beaudelaire orphans with many volunteers and villains from their past.  In fact this is getting more and more like LOST and its myriad crosses.  And as the question of justice arises, our "heroes" can't plead innocent, but only comparatively innocent which makes me wonder if Ben or Widmore should make that plea.  The question of whether it is okay to do bad things for good reasons is at the forefront of this tale.  And as is the case with life I suppose, non of us are completely innocent, not even children orphaned and placed repeatedly in peril through no fault of their own.


Capcom said...

It does sound like the Lost conundrum.

Is it possible to read any of these books out of order? Say, if I saw the movie and then happened to see another book at the used bookstore, but it wasn't the book that came after the movie. Tx.

memphish said...

Just hit up the library Capcom. That's what we're doing. The books do build on themselves, and by this one I was struggling to remember character names. I could have used a Snickett-pedia.

Capcom said...

LOL, Tx.